Still a Hot Boy is the fourth album released by rapper, Turk. Social booth keygen crack serial generator download full. It was released on September 15, 2005, through Laboratory Records and featured production from Kenoe, DJ Toomp, Drumma Boy. Tracklist with lyrics of the album RAW & UNCUT [2003] from Turk: U Thought It Was Over - Cock Aim Shoot - Letter From That World - Amped Up - Putcharaggsup.

Free of Cash Money Records, didn't wait long before hooking up with Koch Records for, his first venture into the (truly) solo arena. His previous album, (2001), had been billed as a solo effort, but of course, no Cash Money album is truly a solo album -- Cash Money is very much an enterprise, led by do-everything producer and a gang of rappers to fill in the gaps. Lacks that support, sorely. Works mainly with, a rapper/producer who is billed as executive producer and who produces roughly half the album, rapping on a few tracks. The partnership seems tight, but it certainly doesn't result in the sort of catchy street anthems that Cash Money had churned out year after year. What it does result in is a run-of-the-mill Dirty South album with little to differentiate it from the myriad others flooding the market during the early 2000s. Surely former Cash Money fans will enjoy hearing again, and perhaps find his showcased sense of maturity interesting, but that's about the extent of this album's appeal.

If you want Cash Money-style rap, stick with Cash Money (there's a bounty of those albums), because pales in comparison overall. It's not so much 's fault as it is his lack of support. He could use some help on.

Turk Raw And Uncut Zip

Later that same year, Turk made his recording debut with a cameo on 's solo debut, Solja Rags. Turk was billed as Young Turk and welcomed into the newly formed (who also included,, and ), issuing Get It How U Live! In 1997 and Guerilla Warfare two years later. Turk continued to make cameos on other rapper's recordings, including 's big hits 400 Degreez and Tha G-Code, 's Tha Block Is Hot and Lights Out, as well as 's It's All on U, Vol. 1 and It's All on U, Vol. June 2001 saw the release of Turk's solo debut, Young and Thuggin', on Universal Records. Turk recorded Untamed Guerilla for Cash Money as a follow-up but soon jumped ship to Koch, following in the footsteps of Untamed Guerilla remained unreleased and Turk made his Koch debut in 2003 with Raw and Uncut.

In January 2004, Turk was in a Memphis, TN, apartment when narcotics officers and SWAT team members stormed in. According to police, Turk shot an officer during the drug raid; the rapper claimed he was hiding in the closet without a gun. At a preliminary hearing a charge of first-degree attempted murder was reduced to second-degree attempted murder, but Turk was not granted bail. He was awaiting trial in prison as his third album, Penitentiary Chances, hit the streets in April 2004.

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