Jan 9, 2018 - This package 'RSA Serial Number' is designed to protect products by binding the product to the hardwareID by using licenses based on RSA.

I have this very legitimate problem, too. As you know, Unity regularly comes up with newer versions and, if you're like me, you like to have the most recent one. I've had to move all of my projects form one Unity installation to the other at least five times now and, along the way I have goofed up and lost the entire project folder and all of the resources for two or three of my games.

Everything but a compiled WebPlayer, anyway. Right now I'm trying to get the resources out of one WebPlayer in particular that I made a year ago. My skills have improved since I made that game, and right now I'm on this whole 'upgrade' and 'modernize' kick, and I would love to re-do the game without starting from scratch and re-doing the models and textures, too. Nothing sinister.

It isn't always a bunch of losers, too lazy to make their own stuff, trying to steal someone else's. Some times it's just a guy with a pocket full of thumb drives who finally does the inevitable and loses something they've been working on for months. Everything but a compiled WebPlayer that they uploaded to the Internet last year, anyway. Good luck looking for that unpacker. I sympathize. It seems there are quite a few developers who managed to not create any backups of their project files and somehow lost their project and just want to recover certain assets from a build they still have. A software that if offering such unpacking is certainly not illegal.

It doesn't circumvent any explicit security measures to extract the data. Otherwise any archive tool (winzip, 7zip, winrar) would be illegal as well. Like with any kind of tool it can be used for legitimate purposes or abused for illegal.

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