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Microsoft products are licensed to OEMs by Microsoft Licensing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation. • Table of Contents Preface..v Getting Started.1 1.1 Identifying Hardware Components.1 Front Components.1 Back Components.3 Left-Side Components.4 Right-Side Components.5 Top Components.5 Bottom Components.6 1.2 Getting Your Device Ready for Use.7 Performing Initial Startup.7 Connecting to AC Power and Charging the Battery.8 1.3 Using Your Device in a Vehicle.9. • 2.7 Notifications.17 2.8 Entering Information.17 Entering Text Using the Input Panel.18 Writing on the Screen.20 Drawing on the Screen.22 Recording a Message.24 Using My Text..25 2.9 Locking Your Pocket PC.26 Managing Your Pocket PC.29 3.1 Managing Power.29 Low Battery Signals and Actions.29 Power-Saving Tips.30. • More Programs.53 5.1 Microsoft ActiveSync.53 Synchronizing Data.54 5.2 Word Mobile..55 Creating a Document..55 Opening a Document..56 5.3 Excel Mobile.57 Creating a Workbook.57 Opening a Workbook.58 5.4 PowerPoint Mobile.59 5.5 Pocket MSN..60 5.6 Windows Media Player for Pocket PC.61 5.7 Pictures &. • Regulatory Information. 85 A.1 Regulations Statements.85 European Notice.85 A.2 Safety Precautions.86 About Charging..86 About the AC Adapter.86 About the Battery.87 Index..89. • Preface Welcome Congratulations on purchasing this Windows® Mobile™ for Pocket PC with built-in GPS and Bluetooth functions.

Due to the size and capabilities of the device, you can keep your most important business and personal information ® ® up-to-date and close at hand. Microsoft ActiveSync increases the power of your Pocket PC by allowing you to synchronize the information on your desktop. • Where to Find Information For information on See this source GPS navigation operation The manual supplied with the GPS software Programs on your Pocket PC This User’s Manual or online Help on your Pocket PC Connecting to and synchronizing Chapter 6 of this manual or ActiveSync with a desktop computer Help on your desktop computer The latest on Windows Powered. • Getting Started This chapter introduces you to the external components of your Pocket PC and guide s you through the process of setting up your Pocket PC for use. NTOE: Depending on the model you purchased, the cabinet color and the look of t accessories may be different from the ones shown in this manual. • Component Description Notification Flashes in red to inform you of scheduled appointments, Indicator alarms and reminders.

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Charge Indicator Glows in amber to indicate that battery charging is in progress and in green when the battery is fully charged. Displays the output of your Pocket PC.

Tap the screen with Touch Screen the stylus to select menu commands or enter information. • Back Components Component Description Car Antenna This connector (under rubber dust cover) allows use of an optional external antenna with magnetic mount, which Connector may be positioned on top of the car for better signal reception in areas with poor reception. Stylus Tap on the touch screen to make selections and enter information. • Left-Side Components Component Description SD/MMC Slot Accepts an optional SD (Secure Digital) or MMC (MultiMediaCard) card for removable storage. Headphone Connects to a pair of stereo headphones.

Connector IR Port Beams files to other mobile devices. • Right-Side Components Component Description Microphone Receives sound and voice to record voice. Top Components Component Description Hand String Hole Hand string attaches to this hole. GPS Antenna Receives signals from the GPS satellites overhead. • Bottom Components Component Description Mini-USB Connects to the AC adapter or ActiveSync cable.

Connector Reset Button Restarts your Pocket PC. ON/OFF Switch The main power/battery cutoff switch. • 1.2 Getting Your Device Ready for Use Performing Initial Startup Initial startup includes setting the ON/OFF switch and completing the setup wizard. Pull out the stylus and use it to slide the ON/OFF switch to the ON position. CAUTION: Always leave the ON/OFF switch in the ON position for normal operation. • Connecting to AC Power and Charging the Battery Fully charge the battery before starting to use your Pocket PC for the first time.

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