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Hey guys, I have read many times were people get a inexpensive VAG COM cable and does not work with the free version of VCDS LITE I experience the same thing and found a good info on how to sep up the cable and my VCDS LITE works awesome and I can read the codes. Here is the info in order to help any one. I bought an Inexpensive OBDII-USB cable for using it with the free version of VCDS LITE (Ross Tech VCDS software). For the VAG COM OBD Cables, just make a search on the net for: VAG-COM USB 409.1 cable OBD2 KKL for AUDI VW SKODA. Here's the cable I bought: I am using Window 8 so I am not sure if using Window XP or Window 7 the installation can be different. VCDC LITE program need a COM port to work. Since the VAG COM cable has a USB connector, you need to install FIRST the CD/software drivers so your USB port can emulate a COM port.

This is the CD that comes with the VAG COM Cable. However, the easier thing is to connect the VAG COM cable to your lap top via the USB connector and Window will detect it and automatically will find and install the required drivers so you will not need to install the CD that comes with the VAG COM Cable. Just follow this: • This requires an internet connection. • Connect the VAG COM cable cable to your USB port. • Windows should alert you about the new hardware and give you an option on where to look for the driver. • Choose the option to look for it via Microsoft.

• The search took about 5 minutes and the driver was found and installed. Here is the part were a lot of people have problems and don’t get the VAG COM cable to work with the VCDS LITE Check this post and it explain how to set up the COM port. Beguin to read were it say: PART 1: SWITCHING COM PORTS Note: In my case, it work selecting Com port 2 and I need to have the cable conected to the OBD port in the car with the ignition on the ON position. Hope this info help you Isaac Edited 3 January, 2014 by Turbo_Boss.

With the cheap cables some cars work fine but with some you can have trouble accessing controllers. The engine controller on our mkI Leon is very fussy and requires you to significantly reduce the connection speed before it will communicate properly. Pci ven 10de dev 0a65 rev a2.

From memory it is a magnetti marelli ECU. The central electrics controller on my old Octavia was also a bit hit and miss too. This is my experience based using two cheap cables with a number of laptops. You are using a serial connection to communicate with the car so signals are sent and received using the same wires. If the connection isn't perfectly in sync then signals collide and it all get scrambled. The chip set normally used in the cheap cables is the same as a lot of usb->serial converter cables and I have has similar issue connecting to data logging equipment I used to use at work. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk.

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