All eyes on me wrote:I heard Logan Heights was the deepest in SD. Born and raised ex gang member in south east SD. I can tell you Logan Heights x13 combined with LH Red Steps make them real deep. But National City is deep as fuck too. Thats Old Town National City, with Nat City locos, and Corner Boys. For everyone asking about Lincoln Park. They had beef with Skyline for decades.

When they were called Syndo Mob. They are bloods but never used Piru. They get along with 59 Brims. Oferrel Park and Skyline are not the same set. Skyline are the Rollin 80's. Oferrel started in the early to mid 90's. With

Aug 24, 2018 - Homie was asked if he was a member of the Vista Home Boys, the gang which claims that area. Witness said shooter sat on low wall to re-load.

They were known as Velencia Park before they changed it to Oferrel (named from a middle school) even though Oferrel is on Skyline Drive. Also I know cats from Shelltown. They are pretty deep when merge with Market street. But the thing is National City, Logan Heights, Shelltown, Paradise Hills, Chula Vista, Encanto, and somewhat Lomita Village are literally neighbors. The only thing that sperates them are main streets.

And to the guy claiming Mission Bay, yall are the weakest in San Diego. Even North County gangs are harder than you. And North County sets are wack. The only ones I give credit to in north county are the Samoans.

As for Asian gangs. State Side Isalnders are the deepest, over 500 and growing.

Then comes Bahala na Barkadas. But the ones who are the craziest, I would have to give it to OKB (Orential Killer Boys) or TOC (Tiny Orential Crips). Even though I dont like them cats. I have to give credit where credit is due. They are some pretty crazy fools. Ay homieno disrespect but some of your clecha is off.

OTNC and NCLS are separate gangs. They also ride under separate cars.

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WSNC for OTNC and ESNC for NCLS. There is no NC Corner boys, and there never has been one. Here’s the active National City gangs: OTNC Insane Boys OTNC Olden Boys (OBS also has the Antiguos click) OTNC Gatos (only OG’s in that set) OTNC Enano Boys (still around?) ESNC Locos ESNC Block Boys ESNC Acre Boys NC Mob 13 (AKA South Side Mob) NC Mid Town Klicka Here’s inactive gangs: NC Norton Avenue Boys NC Alley Boys NC 3rd Street ESNC Yesca Boys Division Street Locos And about Syndo Mob. Syndo was click of Lincoln Park Bloods until they broke off.


The Skyline and Lincoln war go back to the early 80’s, when Lincoln Park Bloods used to be Lincoln Park Piru. When that war broke out, Lincoln started running under LPB. Then the Syndo click of Lincoln popped up around ‘85/’86, kind of went independent in the late ‘80’s, and then died off around the early 90’s. O’Farrell Park Bangsta Gang never ran under the name Valencia Park. They always ran under OPB.

They are named after the O’Farrell Park neighborhood, not the middle school. The middle school is in that neighborhood. Shelltown (my hood) never has, and never will merge with Varrio Market. We are completely separate gangs, and we beef sometimes. We have only backed each other up against Logan.