Slang terms with the same meaning Other terms relating to ': • Definitions include: software that was purchased or written, but never used. • Definitions include: acronym for 'to the best of my knowledge.' • Definitions include: used to indicate laughter in text-based communication. • Definitions include: 'seriously.' • Definitions include: a session of communication that has little information relative to its time-length. • Definitions include: an expression of excitement or joy, used mostly by computer aficionados.

• Definitions include: a that makes hardware or software unusable. • Definitions include: to work on a pre-existing problem, program, or piece of source code. • Definitions include: in the user interface of a software product (including websites,) something that displays the locations that the user has recently viewed or visited. • Definitions include: See.

Megaupload Downloader is a programme born to avoid users tons of advertisement, poup-ups, etc. That we get when we try to download from free file. Cannot load php5ts dll grader. Isohunt Rehearing - Free download as. Among the many shapes this concept took. Plaintiffs searched huge databases for names of copyrighted movies.

• Definitions include: acronym for 'good game.' • Definitions include: on a social networking website, to remove someone from one's list of friends. • Definitions include: acronym for 'fuck off and die'.

Warez Leecher Names And Meanings

• Definitions include: phrasing used to espouse the belief that something is (or should be) considered a bad idea. • Definitions include: acronym for 'explain like I'm 5'. • () Slang terms with the same root words. How about some random words?

• Definitions include: a young person. • Definitions include: excellent. • Definitions include: one's home, or place of living • Definitions include: continuously criticizing or pestering.

• Definitions include: any gathering, party, at which there are many more men than women. • Definitions include: very good, excellent, the best; '. • Definitions include: To pass gas or fart • Definitions include: 'Hennessy'. • Definitions include: to reveal information that is overly intimate.

• Definitions include: a very large number.

Topsite is a term used by the to refer to underground, highly secretive, high-speed servers used by and couriers for distribution, storage and archiving of releases. Topsites have very high-bandwidth Internet connections, commonly supporting transfer speeds of hundreds to thousands of; enough to transfer a full in seconds. Topsites also have very high storage capacity; a total of many is typical. Early on these warez sites were mainly distributing software such as games and applications after the release groups removed any protections. Now they are also a source of other copyright protected works such as movies and music. It is not uncommon for sites to charge for access to the content, although this is frowned upon by the scene itself due to the decreased security. Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Overview [ ] Security [ ] Unlike their predecessors in the scene, topsites aren't advertised broadly.

With the increased threat of police raids, topsites have been forced to employ elaborate security precautions in order to stay hidden from authorities. A typical topsite configuration will only allow users to log in from a certain and host (or IP range for users with dynamic IPs), with encapsulation on all FTP sessions. FTP are commonly used to hide the topsite's real, and to. Along with an 'official name', most topsites are also known in the warez scene by an abbreviation that is two or three letters long.