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Hi A new problem has emerged without warning. I have always used isohunt for finding the stuff I want. Up until today, when I clicked on a link it would show an ordinary download box which I always saved and it would take me directly to utorrent application where I would tick or untick the material as the case may be. Today though the download box no longer appears but a different dialogue box asking me to select the program I want to use and uTorrent is the preferred program, so I click and it takes me to uTorrent and then refuses to download - most of the time.

Then if it doesn't download I drop my adsl connection.running a windows diagnostic it tells me that FTP doesn't work with my version of windows - xp. How do I get back to where I was prior to today?


A new problem. I have changed to 'torrentportal' now that isohunt has gone. So far most torrents download very fast - quite exceptionnal compared to what I experienced before. But quite a few files are rejected at point of clicking ok on utorrent.

The message I get is 'torrent is not valid bencoding'. I tried the help section but bencoding isn't mentioned. Is there a fix for this? And can anyone recommend a good file share site that has minimal issues and as safe as safe can be from malware etc?