If you're referring to the one sold by Shipyard Marine, I have it. The software is from Yamaha, the cable is a knockoff built by someone else. I bought it for use with my HPDI motor, which (knock wood) I haven't had an opportunity to use it yet. I did install it though, and the software is the real deal.

Not sure if the cable will limit it in any way. Now, the real question - will anyone other than a trained Yamaha mechanic really have any idea what to do with that thing? I have my doubts; I bought the service manual as well, and I'm no stranger to engines or electronic controls, but these motors are pretty frikkin complicated and I don't think I'm going to be very useful if push came to shove. I got it so I could routinely monitor some of the error codes that come out of it, to see if I've got potential problems on the horizon. I don't have the software on this machine, but I attached a generic picture of the software's main menu. See electrical lt v4r1 crackle When you hook the diagnostic cable up to the motor you get a different menu that lets you select different diagnostic functions (these are all covered, with screenshots, in the service manual).

I watched the tech do this as he took a download from the engine, then ran through the compression test (which is facilitated by the diagnostic software). Mine is a 2003 250HP HPDI.

Contains information on using the Yamaha Diagnostic System software and diagnosing problems in an outboard motor or watercraft. This manual contains. Yamaha Regulator/Rectifier - Since 1998, iboats is the most trusted water lifestyle online store Marine Engine Diagnostic System Stators Ignition Packs Regulators Coils Wiring Harnesses. 15FMHS Yamaha 2 Stroke 15hp Short Shaft PORTABLE OUTBOARD FOR SALE.

The engine doesn't have the greatest reputation, which is why I opted for both the service manual and the diagnostic kit. Wasn't cheap - ran me about $400 altogether, and I don't plan on servicing the engine myself. The problem I have is that I'm not near any certified Yamaha mechanics, so if I do have an issue I can resolve myself I will save myself that much (if not more) over having to pay someone to drive in, or to have the boat towed.

Yamaha diagnostic software download

First person with cash gets it.Please contact for additional information or to arrange pick up. Thanks for looking. Yamaha Diagnostic Software Kit comes with the latest Version 1.32 Yamaha Diagnostic System Software, Instructional Manual, USB Engine Data Cable and Module Assembly. The kit comes with everything you need to connect YDS to any of the following Yamaha outboards: • All HPDI models • All four-stroke models F115 thru F350 • All 2005 thru current model four-stroke F50 thru F90 • All ECU controlled Yamaha personal watercraft The kit comes with the OEM Genuine Yamaha software on CD, USB engine cable harness, engine module adapter and thorough printed instruction manual that is also a Adobe PDF file on the CD Software. The software works on Windows 2000, XP Home or Pro and Windows Vista. YDS does not work with MAC computers Laptop hardware requirements are an available USB port, and a DVD/CD-ROM drive for the YDS software installation. YDS is not a large program so the memory and hard drive requirements are minimal.