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Indonesian MANGITA AND LARINAThis is a tale told in the lake district of Luzon. At times of rain or in winter the waters of the Laguna de Bai rise and detachfrom the banks a peculiar vegetation that resembles lettuce. These plants, which floatfor months down the Pasig River, gave rise,no doubt, to the story.Many years ago there lived on the banks of the Laguna de Bai a poor fisherman whose wife had died, leaving him two beautiful daughters named Mangita and Larina.Mangita had hair as black as night and a dark skin. She was as good as she was beautiful, and was loved by all for her kindness. She helped her father mend the nets and make the torches to fish with at night, and her bright smile lit up the little nipa house like a ray of sunshine.Larina was fair and had long golden hair of which she was very proud.

She was different from her sister, and never helped with the work, but spent the day combing her hair and catching butterflies. She wouldcatch a pretty butterfly, cruelly stick a pin through it, and fasten it in her hair.

Then she would go down to the lake to see her reflection in the clear water, and would laugh to see the poor butterfly struggling in pain. The people disliked her for her cruelty, but they loved Mangita very much. This made Larina jealous, and the more Mangita was loved, the more her sister thought evil of her.One day a poor old woman came to the nipa house and begged for a little rice to put in her bowl.

Mangita was mending a net and Larina was combing her hair in the doorway. When Larina saw the old woman she spoke mockingly to her and gave her a push that made her fall and cut her head ona sharp rock; but Mangita sprang to help her, washed the blood away from her head, and filled her bowl with rice from the jar in the kitchen.The poor woman thanked her and promisednever to forget her kindness, but to her sister she spoke not a word. Larina did not care, however, but laughed at her and mocked her as she painfully made her way again down the road. When she had gone Mangita took Larina to task for her cruel treatment of a stranger; but, instead of doing any good, it only caused Larina to hate her sister all the more.Some time afterwards the poor fisherman died. He had gone to the big city down the river to sell his fish, and had been attacked with a terrible sickness that was raging there.The girls were now alone in the world.Mangita carved pretty shells and earned enough to buy food, but, though she begged Larina to try to help, her sister would only idle away the time.The terrible sickness now swept everywhere and poor Mangita, too, fell ill.

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