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Sep 19, 2018 - Repaint of the The Fruit Stand Airbus A330-200GE/PW in Turkish. Base files package for FSX/FS9 available seperately at FAIB Website. Game = FSX / FS10 ( Microsoft flight simulator X ) + SP2. Turkish Airlines Business Class Airbus A330-300. Inc

Unlike my previous flight on this type of aircraft with TK (4E), this seat was not so good on this IST-Seoul flight. The noise from the galley was a major concern, especially since this was an overnight flight. Loud talking of the crew and pots, pans and china wear being arranged. There was also an obvious lack of lavatories for Business Class (only one in the front, and the two in the galley section were systematically used by economy class passengers). To me this lack of lavatories is a major draw back. Crew attention was varying. The menu was nice although one of the three main courses was missing from the start, IFE very good and boarding in IST just OK (busses to the airport, no priority boarding for Business class passengers).

Fsx Turkish Airlines A330

Storing carry-on luggage was also a challenge since the overhead bins are at the start half filled with the sheets and pillows for the night. The seat is very comfortable and access to the aisle for a window seat is great. I just have to carefully pick my seat next time on board this A330-300. Punctuality was excellent. Turkish airlines does provide a good value for money.

I am a bit over 6'3' (191 cm), and the legroom was horrible. I literally could not sit in the seat without the metal bar from the seatback in front of me pressing into my knee. So for 11+ hours, I had to twist my legs into weird configurations to TRY to make the pain go away.

To little avail. The built-in foot rest is great for shorter people like my wife but makes it even harder to twist my legs since they cannot go under the seat in front of me. The width was acceptable. The service was competent, and the food was decent.

The staff was friendly, but they do not come out to check on things. If Turkish Airlines can address the seat pitch issue, I would fly it again. Right now, though, I will not since I cannot go through that much knee pain over that much time. Connected from a short haul (TK1920) to fly IST-BKK on 15 April 2018 at 1.25 AM. Punctual departure. Generous seating arrangement, lie flat. Just after reaching sufficient altitude the crew comes to arrange the bed with seat cover/sheet (unless you still want the meal) and pillow.

Little idea about food, IFE and drinks since I slept almost the whole flight (I take a sleeping tablet for overnight flights; that works wonderfully). An army of crew for business class manage to deliver a perfect service in a very comfortable seat arrangement. Upon leaving the aircraft I got a priority card for immigration and in a breeze I was out of the airport. Flight was slightly early and my driver was about to arrive when I left the luggage area. Although not mentioned in Seat Guru, there are two type of A330-300. Ozzy osbourne black rain album.

The old one and one with new seats with more legroom. I flew from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to Istanbul. Total fly time around 11 1/2 hours. On the way to Istanbul the space was more than efficient. Seat not too comfortable but still overall experience was good.

Unfortunately on the way back (Istanbul to Ho Chi Minh) I flew with the old planes where the seats are crammed with very little legroom (I am 180cm tall). Needless to say that the experience would have been exhausting if I wasn't able to change to 24D. Flew JFK-IST. Very good layflat seat with extra storage in foot rest (extends the seat in flat position). Good tasty dinner selection and in-between 'i shouldn't eat this' snack bar.

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