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But he also touched on the game between Wolves and Burnley will feature Irish players on both sides with Matt Doherty a likely starter at right back for the former - which happen to be Keith's first English club. However, despite establishing himself in the Premier League over the early part of this season at a promoted club expected to punch above their weight, Keith is worried that Doherty's face doesn't seem to fit when it comes to the thoughts of the Ireland management team of Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane, with captain Seamus Coleman and Cyrus Christie ahead of him in the right back/right wing-back pecking order. 'Matt Doherty is a very accomplished footballer who really shows good calmness to his game even when he gets into the final third,' said Keith. 'Yeah, [O'Neill] may have a point when he gets into a certain area and he cuts inside but that's the way Wolves set up - and I've see a lot of them over the last 12-15 months.


'It's a 3-4-3, so ahead of him is a winger/forward who plays wide to start with. [Doherty] rolls it inside, so the option by the time he gets into the final advanced area, his passing option is inside. 'And Matt Doherty doesn't have the pace and a power of a Cyrus Christie to face defenders up and go at them all the time in one-v-one. Quite often, as I've alluded to, he'll pass it and look to play little give and go's and little one-twos around the opposition box.

Or he looks to cross. I don't see an issue with it. 'But if I was Matt Doherty I'd probably be a little bit worried because it looks like his face probably doesn't fit under this management team.'

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