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Comcast URC-106XXXXX Silver Remote The Motorola DVR can be operated with a variety of remote controls. Cable operators are not locked into a specific model, though two forms of the 'silver remote' (one with -specific controls at the top and one without) are the most common. Both of these remotes are programmable - most of the buttons can be remapped to support functionality that is either not normally deployed (30-second skip) or that is missing (tuner swapping on the non-DVR specific remote). Some remotes supplied by cable operators (one of which is commonly called the 'brown' remote) are not programmable. The silver remote is made by Universal Electronics, and uses the same codes and commands as the 'One-For-All' series. You can find information on programming these remotes at. The silver remote has a 6-pin connector next to the batteries and is JP1.2.

As of September 2006, there is now a cable and software that can let you use your computer to program the remote. Software support for the JP1.2 connection is still somewhat buggy. Support for the URC-1067 (version without the PIP keys), and the URC-1068 (version with PIP keys) was recently added. You can find the model number on a sticker in the battery compartment.

The forums and code lists at hifi-remote.com offer useful information. The Atlas 5 Device DVR/PVR remote (see ) (the so called 'black remote') distributed by CableOne in certain markets uses the same codes and commands as the 'silver remote', except that you need to discard the two leading zeros (e.g., for the 30-second skip, use code 173 instead of 00173). If your 'black remote' is JP1.3 include the two leading zeros.

You can check your remotes version by looking near the 6-pin connector inside the battery area. All other steps work as described below. Some units (6416 from Eastlake for example) are being shipped with a Motorola DR800 remote which do not have a 'setup' button. For basic programming you hold down the 'device' button for at least six seconds until the remote sequences through all four device buttons(Audio, DVD/VCR, TV or Cable).

Follow the verizon link for a basic programming manual. As of 12 July 2009, it seems no one has worked out how to program the remote to add in the 30 Second skip feature. Device Codes [ ] The remote will probably come pre-configured for the DVR, but you will probably need to configure the TV and possibly the AUX keys by programming a Device Code for them. An on-line copy of codes can be found at the page and the page.


Comcast Universal Remotes accept 4 and 5 digit codes, depending on the model: for example, URC-105XXXX-style remotes (with 'gray OK-button') accept 4 digit codes and URC-106XXXX-style remotes (with 'red OK-button') accept 5-digit codes. For remotes using 5 digits, the first digit corresponds to the device being programmed. The first digit is 0 for a cable box; 1 for a TV; 2 for a VCR, DVR, or DVD player; and 3 for audio equipment. The other four digits are the traditional device codes.

If a four digit code (e.g. 0476) doesn't work for you (i.e.

The device button being programmed emits a long, single blink), try adding a leading digit corresponding to the device (e.g. 00476, for the cable box). According to the instructions, the Comcast silver-style remote is initially programmed for an TV and an AUX RCA VCR; however, it doesn't mention the codes used.

Super mario all stars wbfs scrubber game. Setting a Device Code [ ] • Find the 4-digit code number for your device. • Manually turn on the device you are setting the code for (used to verify you have the proper code). • Press and release the device key you want to program. • Press and hold the 'Setup' key until device key blinks twice. • Type in the 4-digit code using the number keys.

• If successful, you will get 2 blinks. If not successful, you get one long blink. • Use the remote to operate your device (use Power, Play, etc.) • If it doesn't work, look for another code and repeat the above. • The code for the DVR box is typically 1376 or 0476 (or 01376 or 00476 for models accepting five-digit codes). For the newer DCX series with a gray/platinum remote, use code 01982. Searching for a Device Code [ ] If you couldn't find a code for your device, or none of the listed codes work, you can try a Code Search. This will step through every code, sending a key until you find one that works, or it cycles back to the beginning.

• Manually turn on the device you are setting the code for (used to verify you have the proper code). • Press and release the device key you want to program. • Press and hold the 'Setup' key until device key blinks twice.

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