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Xbox does pick up on some USB peripherals, depending on the software at least. The emulator could possibly read it as a joystick, and if it doesn't allow for immediate control of the emulator menu, you may still be able to map keys to it by plugging the adapters into a secondary port and using a (known) compatible controller as the primary controller to adjust settings within the emulator. If it doesn't work with Surreal64, feel free to at least experiment with other emulators.

N64 Controller Serial Protocol Tutorial. 3/15/2018 0 Comments There are tutorials out there for using an controller with an Arduino, but using the more complicated N64 controller and its analog joystick has a definite appeal. If you have an Arduino around and don't want to buy an Adaptoid, this instructable will make it possible to play. The N64 controller is a serial device with three pins: Ground, Vcc, and a bidirectional data line. Again, for all the details on the PS/2 protocol look at Adam's page here. The source code for the PS/2 emulator is in ps2.c. PS/2 Host Emulation.

You could find that Xport emulators, ZSnexBox, UnleashX/XBMC, or maybe even Xbox Linux may work with it anyway. I don't think any N64 emulators on the Xbox could make use of a Computer-N64 controller adapter directly (let it be USB or any other type).

N64 Controller Serial Protocol Analysis

IMO the way that would require the least amount of intellectual effort would be to simply sacrifice a Xbox controller for it's mainboard and map each button input of the N64 controller directly to the corresponding button input on the Xbox controller. This will require an awful amount of wires and you'll end up having 1 N64 controller for the Xbox that will work only on the Xbox. I don't know if this is a defenitive solution because you might run into trouble when interfacing the analog sticks. Probably that the potentiometer on both controllers do not have the same swing (to illustrate: N64 as 0-10kohm swing and Xbox has 5-100kohm swing, hypothetical, not real numbers!). You could also run into trouble for the vibration feddback.

------------------------------------------ This brings the second idea I have that would still require a sacrifice of a (virgin) Xbox controller but this time the N64 controller's digital protocol would be interpreted by let say a microcontroller. This means that providing you have a spare female socket for an N64 controller (dead N64) you could just plug in an unarmed N64 controller into the adapter (if not just splice the end of it) and the microcontroller would capture the data stream sent from the N64 controller and send the appropriate signal to the mapped button on the Xbox controller. The second possibility would be possible if you can decode the data scheme of the N64 controller port( and can help you to start). Then again enabling vibration support on the N64 controller could be rough. You will also need a microcontroller with lots of IO pins(arduino should suffice). ----------------------------------------- As for the third option, take the second idea as a base and remove the sacrified Xbox controller. Take only the microcontroller and extends it's feature to directly emulate/spoof an Xbox controller.

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